RR26 Myteri - Ruiner

Formed in Sweden in the winter of 2013, Myteri is a five-piece band from Gothenburg, Falköping, and Kristinehamn that combines hardcore, crust, and d-beat to create a catalyst of uncompromising vocals, unyielding melodies, and unmerciful percussion in order to inspire change.  The band examines the conflict between being alive and being human while being completely conscious of the fact that mankind is the most destructive species on the planet.

On September 4, 2017, Myteri released their second full-length album, Ruiner, through Replenish Records.  100% of the proceeds from the digital download of the album will be donated to Tigerharen at http://www.facebook.com/tigerharen in order to help give animals a second chance by providing care and shelter until a permanent home can be found.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black | 10 ]
[ 1 | White with Black Haze 180gram | 200 ]
[ 1 | Gray with Black Haze 180gram | 300 ]
[ 1 | Black 180gram | 500 ]


"Ruiner is the second full-length full of solid crust making you ready to start a riot in a street near you."  Sanctus Propaganda

"Ruiner is the second independent album of the Swedish crust/hardcore band that follows in the footsteps of bands like Tragedy or Remains of the Day, but with a good dose of classic Scandinavian crust. Dark and brutal."  Raw Zine

"After reissuing their first album, Swedish band d-beat/neo-crust/hardcore Myteri is preparing to release their second album.  It will be titled Ruiner and will be released on LP format for followers of Fall Of Efrafa."  Scholomance Webzine

"Just over two months after the recent re-release of their 2015 self-titled record, Gothenburg, Sweden’s high-flown crust / d-beat hardcore band Myteri are back with a brand new, monumental record Ruiner, a captivating effort compelling in both conception and sonic design.  The record creates a bleak, yet pleasantly listenable structure that provides the appearance of unity despite the fragmentation of its nature and various influences.  Tugged by powerful currents and storms, it peaks in numerous large climaxes and becomes memorable on its own."  IDIOTEQ

"A storm is blowing.  Thunder growls from far away.  A bleak and melancholic guitar opens for a lugubrious introduction.  But after just two minutes Myteri is fed up with being somber.  That’s the moment when Ruiner explodes into furiously fast d-beats.  From this point the rest of the record is angry and hopeless.  Yet still with this melancholic sadness and beautiful harmonies.  If you liked Alpinist, Mässmörd or Fall Of Efrafa, enjoy Tragedy and dig bands like Unkind or Livstid, you will definitively love Myteri!  This record is the best crust album of the year."  The Nocturnal Silence

"Meaningful violence, reasonable hate and an attempt to wake up a slumbering humanity.  Ruiner continues from the point they left us with their debut.  Their mentality remains the same, that seems impossible, and so does their musical style, without becoming a barren repetition.  On the contrary, they are looking forward with this album, stand on the firm base their first release created.  The transition between slow, kind of melancholic parts to angrier patterns, a characteristic neo-crust element, is done in a great way, making it impossible for the listener to get bored, no matter how many times it gets listened."
Metal Invader

"Myteri is a five piece band from Gothenburg, Sweden who formed in 2013.  Myteri play a brutal, chaotic, and volatile mix of hardcore, punk, and crust. Since forming in 2013, Myteri have released a four song EP titled The Silent Death in May of 2014, a self-titled ten song LP in July of 2015, a split with Born For Slaughter in January of 2016, and a self-titled LP in July of 2017.  Ruiner is the band's latest full-length LP, which is slated for release via Replenish Records in late September of 2017.  On their latest full-length, Myteri offer up twelve tracks of vicious and brutal sounding hardcore, punk, and crust.  Overall, this is an amazing LP and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!"  Dead Air At The Pulpit

"It’s the second full length from the bearded men from Sweden.  You already know what to expect, don’t you?  Yeah, but before we get to it, there is storm that opens the record.  Great way to start especially when melodic guitar follows and they gain speed gradually.  Then comes the Swedish crust assault.  The title track ‘Ruiner’ is the trademark of this record.  Hardcore crust at full speed, screaming vocals and melodic guitar in the background.  Sure you can’t help but hear Fall Of Efrafa echoes here and there.  Or Tragedy for that matter.  But there is nothing wrong with it, this is played perfectly well, it is well balanced and Myter have got their own ideas on how to build songs.  The whole picture is pretty gloomy, apocalyptic answer to how to survive in this fucked up world."  Sanctus Propaganda

"The intro starts like the calm before the storm, quiet, delicate, undistorted guitars, which are then distorted quite quickly, then increase the tempo, and break in with full breadth over one.  This apparent chaos is born by the great melodies, which remain with me in the auditory canals.  It seems to me as if the band shows an irrepressible playfulness that takes you along.  Most likely, if I were to ask for a comparison, I would call the last album of Martyrdöd - List.  The mostly very fast songs alternate with slow parts and always remain so unpredictable that no boredom comes up.  The outro begins much like the intro, but remains calm and the melody has definitely catchy, wow.  For me, Myteri are now in the D-Beat / Crust Olympics right next to greats such as Tragedy, Skitsystem, Martyrdöd, Ictus, Wolfbrigade, Disfear and Fredag Den 13:e."  Crossed Letters Zine

"One of the best crust albums of this year, comes from the glorious city of Gothenburg in Sweden.  Rooted in Scandinavian crust and d-beat, Myteri grow firm branches in this release, incorporating various elements of extreme music in general.  The band consolidates its musical watermark, creating songs with intense melodic aggressiveness, staying heavy at the same time.  They easily navigate around the steppe of boring repetition, keeping the listener’s interest and adrenaline high throughout the release.  The album’s slower parts give you the much needed time to catch your breath, while certain elements like the addition of violin and piano parts, the posty build ups and the sound samples widen Ruiner, making the band’s music cross the margins of crust.  Myteri also prove that they are talented musicians.  The album is full of inspiration and songs written with taste and method, while John’s vocals cut through steel.  Last but not least, the ode to toms in the drum pattern and the catchy main riff we listen to in 'Dödens Hav' make this song one of the best I’ve heard this year."  Dark Pulse Webzine

"Hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden, Myteri‘s take on crust punk on Ruiner offers up something slightly different from the norm.  Whilst the requisite heaviness and sense of political rage is all present and correct, with plenty of dirt and aggression that brings Tragedy to mind, there’s also an overt sense of melody and stirring octave chord led melodies and riffs that have more in common with emo than they do crust.  It’s a brave combination of styles, and a very successful one, with Ruiner being one of the most immediately powerful and gripping records I’ve heard this year.  Myteri’s sound is, on the whole, one of apocalypse and dystopia – as should be the case for all good crust punk.  The specter of war and man-made misery hangs heavy over each of these twelve songs, conjuring up images of half-lived lives experienced in a world of grey skies and cracked concrete.  Yet, Ruiner is also the sound of resistance against such a world, kicking out against a life spent with knee bent to uncaring authority and oppression.  That’s always been the best element of crust in all its forms – the way it acts as a light in the darkness, and here, the d-beat rhythms, war-torn yet unrepentant vocals, and melodic, but still powerful, guitars do just that.  Despite the misery and pain, there is hope here for a better tomorrow.  Really, the importance of the emo-influenced guitars can’t be understated in this.  To be clear, I’m talking about emo in the manner that some people will use the word skramz, rather than the indie-emo of later days.  Throughout Ruiner I am reminded of the underground emo coming out of Europe in the years after the turn of the millennium – specifically, it reminds me a lot of the optimism of Yage, and the melodic passion of La Quiete.  It does mean that Myteri’s sound isn’t quite as heavy as most of their contemporaries, but instead the bright, strong melodies help give them a sense of character and emotion that other bands will lack, and their sound is better for it.  Whilst some crust bands can end up sounding as if they are content to dwell in darkness, so oppressive and lacking in contrast is their sound, Myteri sound as if they are determined to do all they can for a better tomorrow, never losing sight of the ultimate aims of their protests. As such, Ruiner is a record that is perfectly suited for our times, filled as it is with both righteous anger at the injustices of the world, and also an optimism that they can be righted.  Its 38 minute duration is energetic and invigorating, and as it closes with the slower, dramatic instrumental ‘Urholkningsprocessen’, it is difficult to deny the vitality and urgency of the album.  It’s a delight to hear something that does something slightly new with the core crust sound, without losing its defiant, political spirit or musical core, it’s this which makes Ruiner one of the musical highlights of the year."
The Sound Not The Word