RR23 Wind In His Hair - Earthwrecker

Formed in Germany in the spring of 2015, Wind In His Hair is a vegan band from Berlin that combines elements of crust punk, hardcore, and black metal to create a soundtrack for anarcho-primitivism and the rewilding of nature. The lyrics promote love and respect for the environment and the indigenous cultures around the world, and the band dedicates their music to those who work to save our planet from being destroyed by the greedy claws of civilization.

On January 16, 2017, Wind In His Hair released their debut full-length album Earthwrecker through Replenish Records.  100% of the proceeds from the digital downloads of the album will be donated to Stand With Standing Rock at http://www.standwithstandingrock.net in order to support the Oceti Sakowin Camp standing in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black | 5 ]
[ 1 | Gray with Black & White Splatter 180gram | 100 ]
[ 1 | Black 180gram | 150 ]
[ 1 | White with Gray Splatter 180gram | 250 ]


“The debut release from Wind In His hair, a young English-language band from Berlin, which met in the spring of 2015 and play an atmospheric and gloomy mixture of punk, hardcore, and black metal.  All band members are vegans and almost all straight edge, and their lyrics about nature, primitivism, and anarchism."  Kids Of The Streets

"Wind In His hair is a Berlin, Germany based band who formed in the spring of 2015.  Musically, Wind In His Hair can be loosely compared to bands such as Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Martyrdod, Anopheli, and Morrow.  Earthwrecker is the band's debut five song LP, which was released via Replenish Records.  On Earthwrecker, Wind In His Hair offer up five tracks of killer hardcore, punk, neo crust, and black metal.  Overall, Earthwrecker makes for an amazing listen and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!"  Dead Air At The Pulpit

"The name of the group is taken from the film Dances With Wolves and refers to the first nation chief called Wind In His Hair.  The name was chosen to show the band's solidarity with indigenous peoples and their struggles including the preservation of their cultures.  The influences of the album range from atmospheric black metal to neo-crust and the lyrics are inspired by anarchism and veganism.  The general concept aims to remind us that there is no life possible on earth without respecting nature and protecting it.”  Scholomance Webzine

"For me Metal was always cuts, beer, and stupid political ideals.  Last year I found out about Thränenkind, a vegan straight edge metal band, and was really fascinated.  Wind In His Hair is a new side-project by members of Thränenkind.  The band name refers to the first nation chief from the movie Dances With Wolves.  The lyrics and the band name are going hand in hand.  Repression of the First Nations and the destroying of nature are just a few themes.  Musically, this EP can be defined as atmospheric black metal with a little bit of crust.  Many playful, melodious guitar parts, which are generating an impressive mood.  These five songs are all slow, but they are really powerful and with the raspy voice of the singer it is an incredible atmosphere."  XCLUSIVX

"The Guts Of The Land begins with a shallow whistle of the wind, which is immediately swallowed by the delicate sounds of an acoustic guitars.  The first piece, which is to be regarded as an intro, is supplemented by the voice of an Indian.  I came directly to "Lakota Prayer" by Russel Means (a member of the American Indian Movement Foundation), a spoken Indian prayer, which is also underlined by subtle guitar sounds and field recordings.  The second track, Sequoia, begins with rough, slightly rogue rocking, and the first punk elements are audible, but the drums rush down in a raging storm.  The harmonic melodies of the electric guitars, as you often find in the USBM, are noticeable here.  In Old Light there is definitely the proof that the Berlin Wind In His Hair could equally well come from the States.  Reminds of the new album by Falls of Rauros or the band Old Graves.  Fiddly and catchy notes give themselves the honor here.  Especially the clarinet sounds really cool!  The title song Earthwrecker then starts in the midtempo section, in which drums and guitars enter into a pleasant symbiosis.  Here the green anarchy is breaking out, in which the boys show their stink-eaters to capitalism.  There I am!  Absolute earworm is the final song Black Bark, Red Roots.  Great breaks, gorgeous sad guitar solos, which then culminate in climax - simply a song to the love.   The big city Indians Wind In His Hair describe their music as Feral Crust Punk.  It is, however, much more atmospheric black metal with gloomy, slightly punky singing.  Just imagine the singing of the punk band Face to Face ten steps darker.  Coupled with the concept of green resistance, this is a remarkable work!  Also, the songs touch anyone who feels an inner desire to join a green rebellion, for nature, for the wilderness!  For an EP with five tracks but briefly, Earthwrecker can be heard and also offers a great Indian look.  In this sense:  Back to the roots!"  Waldhalla