RR21 Autarch / Landbridge Split

Formed in North Carolina in 2010, Autarch is a four-piece band from Asheville that combines elements of hardcore, crust, and post-metal to defy the limitations and expand the boundaries of each genre in order to forge their own path forward. From the unrelenting drums and enduring melodies to the undying screams of three different vocalists, the band evokes a palpable sense of urgency in order to contest the choices mankind has made in both the past and the present that pose a grave threat to our future.

Formed in Florida in 2011, Landbridge is a three-piece band from Tampa that combines elements of crust, d-beat, and hardcore to create an onslaught of foreboding compositions. The band's ominous lyrics and lowering overtures strike an apocalyptic chord in order to provide great pause and demand the liberation of both animals and the earth.

On March 6, 2017, Autarch and Landbridge released a split through Replenish Records.  50% of the proceeds from the digital download of the album will be donated to the Medic & Healer Council at http://www.medichealercouncil.com in order to help coordinate medical and healing supplies, human resources, and other types of aid for the NoDAPL resistance camps.  The remaining 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the NC J20 Legal Defense Fund at http://www.ncj20defense.com in order to help quickly and efficiently support those from North Carolina who were imprisoned after converging in Washington, DC to participate in the protests opposing the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black | 5 ]
[ 1 | Hyperdrive Splatter 180gram | 150 ]
[ 1 | Black 180gram | 350 ]


"Landbridge and Autarch are two bands that should be on your radar if you’re into excellent crusty numbers with a driving sense of purpose.  This split LP finds both bands at the top of their game with emotional music that delves into the foulness of politics beautifully, paying tribute to bands like Catharsis and Page 99 whom have clearly pulled these up-and-coming acts into their sphere of influence."  Blow The Scene

"Today I would like to introduce you to a very special crust band. A band that has the potential to become one of the very greats of the genre.  Autarch from Asheville, North Carolina, have played in my heart and I have to tell you honestly, I have not been as enthusiastic about a young band in this genre anymore as I was from this band.  The punks from Asheville describe their sound as "Space Crust" and have therefore created an interesting concept.  The space cover mainly comes with the lyrics and some trips to the post rock, but later more.  For me, Autarch sound like the perfect mix of Fall of Efrafa, Wolfbrigade, and Tragedy.  Swedish D-Beat brutality hits neo-crust melancholy and epic hymns.  So they unite the best that the Crust genre has to offer and bring the sound to a whole new level.  I say so, Autarch could be your new favorite band.  They have been active since 2010 and there is no mention of the members on any web presence.  One would rather remain anonymous.  The current release of Autarch is a split with Landbridge from Florida.  What is noticeable with this disc is the more frequent use of the doublebass and blastbeats, which gives the songs much more pressure.  In addition, the post rock is back, this time he brings his best friend: black metal.  The band plays again with the most different influences and manages to attach to the outstanding quality of the LP.  "Kings Of Nowhere" redirects the disc again until a blastbeat destroys the peace.  The vocals sound even more desperate than on the full length, here the black metal influence is noticeable.  The d-beat parts have been reduced slightly, but more neo-crust is played, but the overall concept is quite clear.  Less impact.  More atmosphere.  The riffs are played very tight and always hit the nerve directly, every hard part hits the listener like a shot through the heart.  There are even light doom elements in the sound of the band, on the track "Bastille" Autarch convince through a doom break, which is not to be surpassed in heaviness.  The last song of the band on this record, "Survive", then comes very doomy and sluggish, so at the end of the track, the black metal baton with the rusty nails is picked up.  A fantastic extension of the Autarch sound!  The split partner Landbridge, I have no more to say than: Fantastic!  Recommended: "Freedom Is The Grave".  Straight-forward crust with lots of d-beat!  So far, every Autarch release has convinced me.  The concept "Space Crust" is the sheer madness and brings fresh wind into the crust game.  For me it is clear that this band will one day become the greats of the genre.  Just now, where Tragedy have not released a release for years, Autarch close a gap."  Trvefrykt Zine

"Ever so often, you come across a record label whose ideology aligns with yours.  As a result you end up enjoying most, if not all releases put out by said label.  Naturally I picked up the label’s most recent release – a split LP between US based crust bands Autarch and Landbridge.  I am glad I did so as this release not only is a brilliant gateway into the music of the above mentioned bands, but is also a treat for a (self-proclaimed) crustie like me.  Both these bands fall under the style of neocrust or emocrust (whatever the kids are calling it these days), taking inspiration from acts of the past like His Hero is Gone and Tragedy.  The melodic elements here play a big role in imbibing the music with an emotional weight.  First up, we have the North Carolina based act Autarch and they call their style of music space-crust.  This feels like quite an apt moniker for the band’s take on crust punk.  Kings of Nowhere alludes to this with it’s clean, atmospheric guitar lines that open this LP.  The slow buildup, with the atmospheric guitars and blastbeats kicking in sounds more post-black metal than crust.  Autarch eventually settle into a traditional punk gallop offering a lot of interesting breaks with controlled riff changes.  The melodic undercurrent is firmly held on to through the length of the track.  With the follow up Bastille, the band ups the intensity from the get go.  The eclectic riff work interspersed with a rhythm brimming with forward momentum Autarch deliver their heaviest track here, before settling into a gang chant laden groove that brings forward the band’s melodic side with a delectable solo.  Florida based Landbridge are not far off sound wise to Autarch, albeit the approach being a bit more direct than atmospheric.  This directness manifests right from the start of A Shackle Upon, wherein the band rides the d-beat centric short quick riff waves like experts.  Yet again, there is a subtle melodic inclination in the riffs which is only compounded by the dissonant guitar lines when Landbridge bring things to a crawling sludgy pace.  The follower Freedom is the Grave starts off with an introspective section that slowly evolves into a mid paced, groove heavy track.  Even without the d-beat frenzy that forms the mid portion of this track, Landbridge deliver engaging riff work whose melodic leanings manage to keep one hooked.  That said, when Landbridge lock in on a d-beat rhythm, the music rages with a rabid fury as the screamed vocal work adds a double dose of anguish to the mayhem.  This is evidenced in the aptly titled Convoluted.  Equal parts bleak, hopeless atmosphere and equal parts hardcore punk aggression, this split is a solid representation of how emotive crust punk can get.  Both Autarch and Landbridge deliver tracks that are very immersive and brimming with energy.  If you like a dash of melody with your d-beat, do not think twice about picking up this release. Just do it."  Transcending Obscurity