RR18 The Osedax - Titans Lament

Formed in 2006 on the fringes of Washington DC, The Osedax is a three-piece band from Virginia that combines elements of doom and various forms of metal to create a colossus that has every intention of crushing everything in its path.  From the towering roars of the vocals and guitar to the thundering resonance of the drums and bass, the band crafts a tale of the crippling sorrow and despair that plagues this world.

On November 1, 2015, The Osedax released their second full-length album Titans Lament through Replenish Records.  100% of the proceeds from the digital downloads of the album will be donated to Compassion Over Killing at http://www.cok.net in order to help promote a plant-based diet and expose the routine abuses forced upon animals raised for food through undercover investigations inside factory farms and legal advocacy.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black | 5 ]
[ 1 | 180gram Transparent Gold with Black Splatter | 250 ]


"The sophomore full-length from Leesburg, VA's The Osedax, Titans Lament is a grandiose affair that consists primarily of high-level doom in the form of lengthy 10- to 15-minute compositions utilizing varying degrees of ominously droning ambient atmosphere.  Which is precisely why its fourth track, "The Fire Thief," shocked the shit out of me by immediately exploding forth with chaotic bursts of tremolo picking and hectically aggressive drumming—full-on black metal, more or less.  Sure, it eventually evolves into a style more akin to the carefully paced rise and fall dynamics that make up the rest of the album, but, whew... what a shock to the system those opening minutes present within the context of the whole.  Awesome.  The Osedax continues to skate by somewhat under the radar, but for superfans of this niche of metal, you'd be hard-pressed to find it done better—right down to the production and presentation."  No Echo

"The Osedax (Latin for “bone devourer”) take their name from sea-dwelling worms who feast on the bones of dead whales.  Yes.  Enjoy that with your meal.  Get more info here if you’re curious.  Islander reviewed the band’s first album Delayed Response way back in 2011.  At the beginning of this month, the band released a follow-up called Titans Lament.  For those who’ve been underwhelmed by doom this year, I submit this album for your consideration.  There are an assortment of different ingredients in this band.  Slow tempos, sludgy screeches, melancholy atmosphere, all with a layer of blackened crust.  And there is indeed a parasitic quality to the atmosphere.  You won’t even notice it hollowing you out.  That’s how subtle it is.  I hesitate to use words like “experimental” and “ambient,” as they are typically buzzwords that have been usurped of meaning. But in the case of The Osedax,  I think these terms are very applicable.  Give the track “The Fire Thief” a listen and you’ll see what I mean."  No Clean Singing

"I had never wondered what the illegitimate child of Hooded Menace and Sunn O))) would sound like but now I know, it sounds like The Osedax.  Their new album Titans Lament is dark and evil making it well worth your time and money if you’re so inclined.  Often times I don’t like drone at all but like anything else not all drone is created equal.  The Osedax never stop their doom laden melody even when they enter into drone territory unlike bands who let one solitary note reverberate until you wanna punch a child in the face (by that I mean it drives you insane).  I’ve never been much of a Sunn O))) fan because of the drone factor but I do appreciate that they push the boundaries of experimentation in metal.  The Osedax even combine some progressive elements vocally that reminded me of YOB’s Mike Scheidt at times.  Generally when I see the term “ambient” as a tag on Bandcamp it isn’t for me but I was completely stunned by The Osedax on this album which I came across more or less by chance.  This is the kind of hidden gem that keeps me searching through Bandcamp again and again.  I couldn’t have asked for a better addition to my writing playlist.  This one is excellent folks!"  Thy Demons Be Scribblin