RR16 Dark Circles - MMXIV

Formed in Canada in early 2011, Dark Circles is a four-piece band from Montreal, Quebec that combines elements of hardcore, d-beat, and crust to create a relentlessness that is as eye-opening as it is deafening.  The band paints a bleak landscape of the world humankind has created and the hopelessness that permeates our lives with confounding melodies and a message that is meant to challenge modern discourse.

On April 18, 2015, Dark Circles released their debut full-length album MMXIV through Replenish Records.  100% of the proceeds from the digital downloads of the album will be donated to Compassion Over Killing at http://www.cok.net in order to help promote a plant-based diet and expose the routine abuses forced upon animals raised for food through undercover investigations inside factory farms and legal advocacy.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black | 10 ]
[ 1 | White | 200 ]
[ 1 | Black | 300 ]


"It is everything but an easy task to describe with words an album with the character and personality that MMXIV by Canadian “darkened” hardcore band Dark Circles has.  What is for sure is that this record by the Montreal-based band stands completely on its own, and is pretty much unlike anything else I’ve ever heard this year when it comes to the more borderline and remote forms of punk rock.  Overall, this work is so powerful and well-crafted, and reeks of such personality, that I feel like naming it the finest hour in this year’s d-beat output by any band.  In general, at its core the music is very melodic and riff-oriented, and because of this, you will notice similarities between the band other epic crust bands like Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Fall of Efrafa, Planks and the such.  But there so much more going on, so much more."  CVLT Nation

“This is unforgiving from the offset.  Dark Circles bellow a dark hardcore sound that fans of Alpinist and Bacchus will be grateful to be introduced to these Canadians.  As these Montreal lads bring another tier in their sound by progressively changing up their sound that also pays some serious homage to their influences.  There is always something tweaking your ear and pulling you back in.  From heavy walls of guitar to at times an absolute raw hardcore scandi sound to a bleak and utter atmospheric darkness.  Despite being titled and released on tape in 2014, this shall be up there for 2015 releases if you like hardcore dark and heavy.”  D-Beat Beater Webzine