RR09 Bio Crisis - En Memoria Al Dolor

Formed in Mexico in 2006, Bio Crisis is a five-piece band from Tijuana that combines hardcore, crust, and d-beat into a raw and relentless assault of destructive rhythms and driving melodies.  The band's willingness to confront their fear of our inevitable collapse is met with unforgiving intensity and the sheer passion for self-expression in a world plagued by war, famine, and disease.

On September 12, 2012, Bio Crisis released their highly-anticipated debut full-length album En Memoria Al Dolor on vinyl, compact disc, and cassette through Replenish Records.  100% of the proceeds from the digital downloads of the album will be donated to ProvidAnimal at https://www.facebook.com/providanimal.tj in order to help abolish the exploitation of all the species through rescuing, rehabilitating and adopting animals and promoting the ethical treatment of animals.

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"Out of all the genres to slam together, “atmospheric post-rock” and “anarcho crust punk” seem like a pretty odd couple.  Weirdly enough, though, the shotgun marriage works, at least as executed by Bio Crisis.  The jangly bits help balance out the angry bits, giving the rage an edge of futility that wasn’t already present by the very nature of, you know, anarcho crust punk.  Anyway, at the very least, it adds some really welcome variety to a sound that can get pretty repetitious pretty quickly.”  Decibel Magazine

“Think hard for a moment and try to think of punk, hardcore, or metal that comes from Mexico.  Did you struggle?  We do not blame you!  Even we are barely able to think of a band that comes from this corner of the world.  This year, a group called Bio Crisis from Tijuana not only come to the stage to honor Mexico, but they also offer one of the best melodic crust albums of the year.  Despite the huge amount of groups working in the genre in recent years, Bio Crisis just easily pull ahead of the game with this first album, four years later, following their first demo and giving them a new life with a studio production that is phenomenal and well balanced. In the finest tradition of Ekkaia, Ictus, and Leadershit, Bio Crisis gives us a modern classic and one of the cornerstones of Mexican punk.”  Vakarme

"There’s just something about crust and d-beat that I can’t get enough of.  Perhaps it’s the combination of heavy hitting riffs and melodic leads, or the aggressive vocals but the genre has grabbed me more than most other loud music genres in recent years.  Mexico’s Bio Crisis is one of the relative newcomers to the style as they released their debut album En Memoria Al Dolor this year, but the band has actually been around for six years.  They’ve spent quite a bit of time prepping this release and it shows, as the material is strong enough to keep listeners coming back.  Bio Crisis’ instrumentals may not stray that far from the established crust punk and d-beat playbook, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering that they are able to do it well.  There’s the familiar heavy hitting drum beats and guitar assaults with bursts of melody, but the instrumentalists are able to diversify the riffs enough that the songs are distinguishable from one another.  While they could’ve easily gone all out on every track, the band gives listeners a chance to breathe with a softer intro track and interlude in the middle of the album.  The vocals are part of what puts this album over the edge, as Bio Crisis’ singer has an aggressive scream that towers over the instrumentals and hits the listener with the force of a truck.  There’s something to be said for sheer aggression when it comes to crust punk, and Bio Crisis is sure to instantly grab listeners due to how much energy is in their vocal performances."  Cosmos Gaming