RR03 Sky Burial - Where Four Rivers Flow

Formed in Tennessee in early 2009, Sky Burial is a four-piece band from Nashville that combines elements of doom, post-metal, and post-rock to create a somber, yet peaceful atmosphere of minimalistic arrangements and passionate segues.  The band's heavily instrumental approach to post-metal is sparsely decorated with messages of self-betterment and hope.

On April 10, 2012, Sky Burial released their debut full-length album Where Four Rivers Flow on vinyl through Replenish Records.  100% of the proceeds from the digital downloads of the album will be donated to Animal Rescue Corps at http://www.animalrescuecorps.org in order to help end animal suffering through direct and compassionate action and to inspire the highest ethical standards of humanity towards animals.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black | 10 ]
[ 1 | Black 180gram with Silkscreened Sleeve | 500 ]


"The album ebbs and flows with a clear nod to post-rock, but somehow steers clear of the well-worn pensive-brutal-pensive paths laid by isis by employing the opposite direction. Post-rock discovers hardcore and doom."  Brooklyn Vegan

"Taking their name from a Tibetan funeral rite of dissecting and placing a body for the birds to dismember, Sky Burial's songs blur together with melodic, almost minimalistic guitar instrumentations, that ride above a festering undercurrent. The song structures swim from gracefully somber to a wall of guitar and black metal barks. Part doom, part metal, this four-piece band is something to keep an eye on."  Razorcake

"Sky Burial’s heavily instrumental music has a stripped-down, minimalist quality, yet it also has a craggy beauty. The music includes frequent waves of tremolo picking and occasional harsh vocals roaring in the background. The music is contemplative, hypnotic, sometimes doomy, sometimes magnificently heavy, capturing a feeling of head-thrown-back, arms-spread-wide rapture."  No Clean Singing

"When the last track kicks in and things finally get metal, you’ve almost forgotten where this album started musically and what you came for. I mean that in a good way. For such a slow-moving record, Where Four Rivers Flow manages to cover some surprising ground, and you don’t really notice until your ears perk up and you find yourself someplace else. It’s certainly minimal - outside of the occasional sample or strange sound, the bulk of it is just clean guitars, bass and drums, mostly playing simply and quietly. I’d say that this works in the record’s favor - it gives it a certain flow."  Metal Blast

"This record creates the same emotions that must come from traversing those desolate peaks on the album cover. One minute, you are struggling to find your foothold within deep drifts of snow and ice, lumbering forever forward, toward a certain doom, aware that any misstep could be your last. The next, you are inches from safety as you reach what appears to be a clearing, only to find yourself trapped against a sheer rock wall with nowhere to go but down. Sky Burial rely heavily on atmosphere. These songs ebb and flow through washes of deep distortion and serene melancholy. Imagine if you will, Do Make Say Think and Fall of Efrafa jamming together as the world crumbles all around them. Imagine Neurosis signing to Constellation Records and touring with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. This is one of the most potent mixtures of somberness and rage I have heard in quite some time."  Harboring Ghosts