RR02 Vestiges / Ghaust Split

Formed in Washington DC in 2010, Vestiges set out to incorporate elements of hardcore, black metal, crust, d-beat, screamo, and post-rock to articulate their message both musically and lyrically through a series of albums that follow a central narrative about the relationship between man and nature.  The band questions man's evolution as progress while cryptically referencing a broad spectrum of sociopolitical issues including industrialization, militarization, overpopulation, theism, and both human and animal rights.

Formed in Indonesia during the fall of 2005, Ghaust is a two-piece instrumental band from Jakarta that combines elements of post-rock, hardcore, punk, and metal into a unique blend of cosmic melody.  The band finds a way to say it all without saying a word and has proven themselves time and time again with what seems to be a never-ending catalogue of heavy instrumental compositions.

On October 10, 2011, Vestiges released VI, the next chapter of their narrative, on a split with Ghaust through Replenish Records, which received numerous nods from music reviewers for being one of the best splits / albums of 2011.  100% of the proceeds from the digital downloads of the album will be donated to Compassion Over Killing at http://www.cok.net in order to help promote a plant-based diet and expose the routine abuses forced upon animals raised for food through undercover investigations inside factory farms and legal advocacy.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black | 10 ]
[ 1 | Black | 400 ]
[ 1 | Blue with White A/B Mix | 100 ]

Compact Disc
[ 1 | Silver with Recycled Gatefold | 6 ]


#2 on Doom Stoner Sludge’s Best Splits of 2011
#4 on CVLT Nation’s Top 6 Splits of 2011
#8 on American Aftermath’s Top 22 Albums of 2011

"A 10-minute mammoth musical ride that is filled with power, tranquility and self-awareness. Vestiges never stops amazing me with how they incorporate so many different musical genres, but they do it in a way that is highly intelligent and original."  CVLT Nation

"Full of force and atmosphere, switching from d-beats, blast beats, group vocals, and this all happens at the right moments, and don’t feel cut and pasted like other bands who venture into this type of music usually do. The climax is earth shattering as they have truly found a sweet spot whilst blending all these sounds together. One of the few bands that does this right. This band demands to be listened to."  Mad Hause Music