RR01 Vestiges - The Descent Of Man

Formed in Washington DC in 2010, Vestiges set out to incorporate elements of hardcore, black metal, crust, d-beat, screamo, and post-rock to articulate their message both musically and lyrically through a series of albums that follow a central narrative about the relationship between man and nature.  The band questions man's evolution as progress while cryptically referencing a broad spectrum of sociopolitical issues including industrialization, militarization, overpopulation, theism, and both human and animal rights.

On October 10, 2010, Vestiges released their debut full-length album The Descent Of Man on vinyl, compact disc, and cassette through Replenish Records, which received numerous nods from music reviewers for being one of the best albums of 2010.  100% of the proceeds from the digital downloads of the album will be donated to Compassion Over Killing at http://www.cok.net in order to help promote a plant-based diet and expose the routine abuses forced upon animals raised for food through undercover investigations inside factory farms and legal advocacy.

Pressing Information:

[ Test | Black with Tigersuit #2 Zine | 10 ]
[ Preorder | Transparent Gold Black Haze | 50 ]
[ 1 | Black | 100 ]
[ 1 | Clear with Black Haze | 100 ]
[ 1 | Transparent Red with Black Haze | 100 ]
[ 1 | Black 180gram with 24-Page Zine | 100 ]
[ Tour | Transparent Gold with Black Haze and "US/CA MMXI" D-Side | 50 ]
[ Test | Black | 10 ]
[ 2 | Bone with Screenprinted D-Side | 100 ]
[ 2 | Black | 400 ]

Compact Disc
[ 1 | Black with Recycled Gatefold | 300 ]
[ Promo | Black with Plastic Sleeve | 700 ]
[ 2 | Digipak Double CD with Split Series | 500 ]
[ Promo | Digipak Double CD with Split Series | 500 ]

[ 1 | Black | 100 ]
[ Test | Black Double CS with Split Series | 1 ]
[ 2 | Amaray Double CS with Split Series | 250 ]


"Best new release I've heard in a while.  Listen you will love it."  Chainsaw Fellatio

"Damn.  Heavy as Hell.  Great release.  Fans of The Body, Celeste, Arktika, and Fall of Efrafa take note."  Elementary Revolt

"A very solid sound and worthy of attention and admiration.  Without a doubt one of the best surprises of 2010.  Recommended a lot."  Exhale The Sound

"Vestiges have a really unique blend of several metal genres and they really can’t be easily pigeonholed; this band is definitely worth a listen if you crave original metal."  MetalSucks

"Well, this is definitely one of the best albums of the year!  Kinda sounds like Fall of Efrafa but in their very own way.  A hint of black metal and lots of crusty lines!"  Autosuicide Machine

"Whoa.  Another release fans of Fall Of Efrafa should love, Vestiges incorporate hardcore, crust, black metal, screamo, and post-rock to create a terrific and dark atmosphere to their songs."  Behemoth Skin

"The Descent Of Man is a masterpiece and delivers an amazing blending of post-hardcore, crust, and black metal.  Amazing demo and skillful band with solid playing.  One of the best demos for 2010."  Crust-Demos

"This is probably my album of the year.  Considering this band formed January of this year, this is goddamn remarkable.  Vestiges basically blends black metal with crust, hardcore, and post-rock, so check it out if you’re a fan of any of these."  Aesthetic Dialectic

"Original and vivid sound too impressive summarized the effects of the raised area.  Too beautiful.  The song has become one of seven songs over 46 minutes starting intro to outro, ending all the world there is no waste nothing sounds too perfect to expand its 46 minutes."  Isolationistism

"This album, as the title suggests, follows the decent of man.  As you listen to the album, you can definitely pick up on Vestiges wide range of influences.  They have build ups that sound like they belong on a post-rock record, blast beats that scream black metal, and vocals that sound like crust."  Creation Is A Curse

"This is a hell of a debut album, and even more if you realize that this band only formed in January!  They combine a lot of different genres together and very successfully too.  You can identify post-rock, black metal, crust, hardcore and even some elements of drone in an album of 46 minutes long."  Post-Engineering

"Combined elements of crust, screamo, black metal, hardcore and post-rock, this project is a behemoth just waiting to be unleashed in the form of a 40 minute monster crashing down and choking you.  Heart-stopping, atmospheric tunes, backed by inspiring and breathtaking lyrics...just perfect."  Natures With No Plagues

"A band as passionate about it’s message as it is about its sonic annihilation.  This three-piece is angry as fuck, but come off highly artistic in their approach.  The Descent Of Man is beautiful as it is cathartic, melancholy as it is fierce and raw as it is harmonious.  The heaviness of this album cannot be overstated."
Metal As Fuck

"The Descent Of Man is their first work, and so far the only, a very well-crafted album, combining perfectly the post hardcore and post-rock, forming an interesting post-metal sound.  Songs with a high content of shocks, confusing at times where we ran into some passages of doom and features delicate post-rock moments."  Frankuervo Music

"The tracks are full of emotional crossroads which say that mankind is a continuous contrast which destroy what he fights for, a progress-regress that confirms moral decay.  You'll notice that both in the stronger and the calmer parts notes are all in their place, forty-six minutes of musical pleasure and the good production makes The Descent Of Man perfect."  Aristocrazia Webzine

"This band is definitely to look out for in the future.  And if their future releases sound like this then I would say they have the potential to become your next favourite extreme metal band.  If your into Wolves In The Throne Room, Isis, Fall Of Efrafa and Nachtmystium then you will love this album.  Awesome release especially when its for free download as well." The Sludgelord

"We must pay tribute, the group meets its ambitions. atmospheric cocktail of genres, where, because every note, because each of the protruding ears, and for me personally it is a compliment and a sign of quality if I may say so.  Indeed, the guys did a great job creating a truly monolithic narrative, which are not absolutely divided into individual tracks and captures from the beginning to the end."  Norsk Trevirke

"Independently-released debut album by Vestiges.  Seven lengthy compositions that combine a driving sort of crusty hardcore/punk with black metal and touches of "post-rock" influences.  There's a lot of variation on here, yet it always sounds very natural, it's very fluid sounding.  The album follows the creation, the evolution, and the eventual annihilation of mankind.  Totally outstanding release!"  Black Hand Inn

"I stumbled by chance on this band, but was immediately overwhelmed by their debut album.  Especially since the power structure and the ensuing outbreaks over the exploits of Fall Of Efrafa remember once, and just swept the ears.  This concept is still an interesting text about the creation, evolution and eventual destruction of mankind.  The Descent Of Man is thus in every respect absolutely great album."  Laermstoerung

"During a break from homework, I took the time to listen to one of the best new bands of the year, hands down.  This is 45 minutes of well recorded, well written, well produced and effortful music for free.  Several genres combined at the perfect times, stoner, black metal, hardcore, and tidbits of drone.  The instrumentals are slow and heavy in all the right places.  Besides the craftsmanship, the concept is solid."  Heavy Boots Music

"This album contains seven tracks that are filled with anger and despair.  These guys did an excellent job with this album.  The sound is right and all instruments are in balance.  The vocals are making almost me afraid.  This guy has an awesome throat.  This voice goes truly through your bones!  Vestiges has released this impressive album at the tenth day of the tenth month in year ten and it is an display of heaviness, brutality and also sadness."  Insane Riez

"First self-released album of the band.  The sound of The Descent Of Man is qualified by their own hand as post-hardcore/black metal.  It reminded me inevitably of Fall Of Efrafa: long songs (maybe not like the British) with neo crust melodies, voices and the dark side of the conceptual idea.  Vestiges evolving style of Foe introducing faster pace, own Scandinavian metal of the nineties, more than double drum sound and a more saturated.  Really an excellent debut for a few strangers."  Dancing For Decadence

"I found it to be driving in an unrelenting forward direction the entire album.  It holds a solid sound to it for most of the album, but at certain points the songs get less comfortably expected, and take a jolting/punchy move into pulverizing drums, and searing guitar chop rhythms.  Then you get lulled into a sense of calm that is done in a manner than isn't mind numbingly boring, you actually still feel like something is pushing your forward, a hand gently guides you.  Pressing against your lower back and you can't offer any resistance."  Gaia Online

"What do you get when you mix ambient, post-rock, hardcore, crust, drone and black metal?  Something that’s probably both pretentious and cluttered.  Unless, of course, you’re the band Vestiges, who have seamlessly created a unique sound of their own with their great debut album, The Descent Of Man.  The only band I can compare it to would be The Pax Cicilia, only because they’re another one of those genre-crossing bands that take a little bit of influence from each and meld it into something they can call their own.  Highly recommended!"  Under The Water It Glowed

"It seems they are like a wandering ghost whose soul does not want to leave this world, as one cannot find information about them.  Post-metal cold and bleak as the morning of a day that will never exist, led to high doses of crust that accelerate this genre like no other style I've ever heard, except the obvious perhaps all the more angry if it is within the sound.  From the sugary melodies of II to the number of nuances and contrasts in IV where we find the greatest flashes of crust in the band, all formed into a single point where the whole focus to become absolute nothing."  The Tomb Of God

"The album is an extremely well-produced mixture of dark atmospheric post hardcore, with crust-styled vocals.  If I had to draw comparisons, I’d think of European bands like Fall of Efrafa, Monachus or Alpinist.  Lyrically Vestiges sing about the extinction of man and the fear of god.  Expressing deep anarcho-primitivism ideals ‘Rejoice, reclaim, and rebuild what mankind has taken for granted.’  Don’t get me wrong it’s not like Crass, where there is a message being shouted at you.  It’s more of a dark epic type atmospheric sound.  With each song numbered in Roman numerals rather than a track title making it more long like one piece or a soundtrack."  CVLT Nation

"Amazing stuff right here.  I'm really blown away by this record - so many influences at work here.  Hardcore, post-rock, black metal, crust...and the final product is an amazing composite of all of those sounds that still manages to state its own case, to carve out its own spot.  The songwriting is solid, the musicianship is intense, and the passion is on full display.  Lyrically monstrous as well.  It's a heavy and punishing album that still allows you to get up when it's over and ask for more.  My words don't do justice to this record, and I really don't think you want to miss this, so forget what I said and check it out for yourself.  You won't regret it."  Hammer Smashed Sound

"Vestiges The Descent Of Man is one record that is absolutely not to be missed.  It is rather uncommon for a three piece to unleash such a devastating slab of aural stimuli.  Mixing a wide range of influences including drone, post-rock, screamo, crust punk, hardcore and black metal, The Descent Of Man is a compelling ride from start to finish.  The band seems to be extremely efficient in lulling the listener into a comfort zone by setting moods and soundscapes and letting them sink into the psyche and then breaking the boundaries of what a band should be able to play within the confines of their genre niche.  Their drone parts are compelling and keep the songs moving forward, like hands gently yet firmly pushing behind the listeners back, taking him towards an inevitable release of fury and ultimately, catharsis."  Chickpea Justice

"In the same vein as Isis and Neurosis, Vestiges delivers an ethereal, yet brutal brand of atmospheric, crushing metal.  On the band's website, they claim to be influenced by "hardcore, black metal, crust, d-beat, screamo and post-rock."  A lot of bands claim to mix certain influences, but it seems as though one influence (often times, it's more of a butchered emulation that is more insulting to the bands involved in the genres) will often dominate the mix.  This simply isn't the case with Vestiges.  Everything is mixed perfectly.  The blast beats come at just the right moments and are often followed by a mid-tempo d-beat to keep things fresh.  The atmospheric dirges go long and hard, but they never reach that point of overkill.  The Descent Of Man is highly recommended to those who want a breath of fresh air in underground heavy music.  Keep an eye out for these guys.  They are apparently ending this narrative as quickly as it started."  413 Reviews

"Like the changing of the seasons in a nuclear winter, The Descent Of Man is a bleak and unforgiving chasm of gaping post-sludge chords echoing endlessly into the darkness, flecked with the occasional rays of light which break through the ashen clouds, and clattering acidic rainfall of black metal riffs and martial d-beat drums.  The anguished, hoarse vocals either the sound of the last man pleading to be taken – all of which fits nicely with their general tolling of the planet's plague bell, citing 'industrialization, militarization, overpopulation, theism, specieisim, and nihilism' as the horseman riding out on the eve of our forthcoming apocalypse.  Vestiges have such a sprawling sonic vision – reminiscent of Fall of Efrafa, Dead to a Dying World and Year of the Flood.  Ambitiously sounding black metal-flavoured post-crust units may be the flavour of the month in beard-land, but ambitious and well executed concepts are still very much the exception."
Extreme Responses

"Vestiges was created in January 2010 and incorporates black metal, hardcore, crust, screamo, and post-rock.  Their first album, The Descent Of Man is the first installment of their planned narrative.  The band remains completely anonymous and the album plays as one song, broken into sections.  Lyrically the album deals with the creation, evolution, and eventual decay of mankind.  Dark subject matter for dark times, Vestiges are here to embrace the truth and to illustrate what has gone wrong with the earth.  The first aspect about the band that struck me was the quality of the recording.  Obviously Vestiges is very serious about their music because they have taken much effort to make sure the record receives the highest quality production while still maintaining very natural, live performance grit.  Brooding doom sections give way to fast blast beats then to somber clean sections.  The vocal style is a combination of a harsh black metal growl and a hardcore yell.  The vocals fit the music perfectly and add the right amount of aggression.  The ability of Vestiges to transition from black metal to doom to d-beat sections effectively is a major strength of the band.  There is no forced influence."  The Inarguable

"What impresses me the most about his band was that they formed in 2010 and released 50 minutes worth of music the. same. fucking. year.  Some bands can't even progress that quickly.  Shit, some bands release a handful of demos before they release an EP, but these guys clearly had a vision and a passion for what they wanted to express.  It's completely evident throughout the album.  They create a narrative not only in lyrical form but also in musical form.  This album is one piece of music split into seven parts.  There are no titles either, just numerical titles that sequence the album.  The story of this record (if I can get this right the first time) explains how we as human beings take the earth and it's resources for granted, and destroy every living thing for our own personal gain.  The message is a strong one because this is something that we see every single day.  And as much as we want to stop the excess, we just can't, and unfortunately, someday, we may face the consequences of our actions.  The music is gripping, it's chilling, and straight-up heavy.  Constantly building up track after track.  This record is a testament to how far we can push ourselves as long as we have the passion, drive, and love for what we do.  It's an incredible album.  And these guys deserve every good thing that comes their way.  Highly recommended."  Mad Hause Music

"Since I'm a sucker for bands that has a story behind their music my expectations was quite high when I finally got a hold of the album, but I did not expect to be blown away the way I did.  The record started out with an intro with some distorted noise and a voice which I couldn't interpret.  Then, slowly but steady, a guitar sneaks up on me while playing a really cozy melody, then some bass and some drums joined the mellow dance.  So far so good.  Then suddenly the music smites me down like lightning and the post-metal apocalypse is upon me.  I could not believe what I was listening to.  This did not sound like a new band whom are just trying out their new wings, it sounded like a band whom has been around and developed for quite some time.  The range of different genres that were thrown at me was amazing.  One moment I was being cradled by sweet and mellow post-rockish tunes only to be thrown into a hail of speeding black metal riffs and relentless crust and in the next turn I was being crushed by epic post-hardcore build ups with sing-along parts that stuck inside my brain like glue.  Some months have passed since the first time I listened to The Descent Of Man and it has only grown on me.  Two more albums are planned to follow the narrative and I for one can't wait to see how Vestiges will progress from here."  That Church Better Be On Fire

"I'm hearing everything that I've ever wanted in a band like this.  They combine the emotional filled vocal style of Fall Of Efrafa and the instrumental work of Celeste to bring a unique blend and call it their own.  It's bands like Vestiges that really define the post-metal genre and what it should be.  Their influences of crust and hardcore is staggering with their harsh but very aggressive vocal patterns and ability to have you on edge at all times.  Lyrical content displayed is something else.  You can almost just feel the raw hatred for mankind and civilization and how we're just killing ourselves day in and day out when listening to Vestiges.  The guitar work is sometimes light but can instantly progress into something that is loud, heavy, and just throws tons and tons of raw energy at you until you run out of breath at how captivating it really is.  At times, this album almost made me feel as if they were a veteran in the black metal scene with their constant blast beats and superb tremolo picking.  I just love the builds up from the passive sounding intro to the eerie feeling of the outro.  There are a lot of atmospheric sludge bands out there that are a real snoozefest but Vestiges doesn't sugarcoat it and lays out their sound on a perfectly aligned grid.  If it were still 2010 I would definitely deem this album in my top 10 albums of 2010.  Truly, a masterpiece that captivates not only the mind but the body and spirit as well."  Ryonikis

"The DIY ethic has long been a tremendous ideal that has always appealed to my often times ridiculous sensibilities, but what can I say besides that there is just something to a band putting their blood sweat and tears into a project from the first inkling of inspiration to breaking open that box of records from the record plant; the whole project seems more genuine or more 'real' if you will, and not that all bands who do release records themselves are always doing it with DIY intentions more like a simple necessity.  When the download for The Descent Of Man started making the rounds on the world wide interwebz at the end of 2010, I immediately took notice of Vestiges due to the mammoth blast of devastating sound that the band conjures from their instruments and the brute force of the vocals that come screaming from my speakers.  Ambitious, epic, grand, etc are all adjectives that one could use when describing The Descent Of Man, and those would certainly not be hyperbolic fodder given by an over fawning critic; instead, though, I would be more apt to say that Vestiges seemingly lay down a challenging record full of bombast (check out the opening two minutes of I for a perfect example and the explosive V for another great example) that is a dynamic rollercoaster ride that hits on all of the touchstones that this emerging style (that being the sound in the vein of say Fall Of Efrafa, kind of like a more crusty Neurosis with a healthy does of screamo, but then again this is also a poor man’s synopsis of the sound that Vestiges has).  This is certainly a polished effort as the band seamlessly transitions from song to song without batting an eyelash (something some bands never quite master) while still making each track a unique piece of music and the melodic aspects of the music fit perfectly with the crunch of the guitars and the pounding of the drums (the relentless drumming in II is awesome, so go there to hear what I am saying).  So many great records have been self released in the last few years, and, partially, this trend has something to do with how most record labels actually are clueless on how to operate in the age of digital file sharing, while the ones that do get it are overwhelmed with releases as it is; on the other hand, some artists do generally want to release records themselves, and I have personally benefitted from these situations by hearing great music and seeing amazing packaging.  The Descent Of Man from Vestiges is no exception and there are still copies of this release available if you do take the download plunge and up immersing yourself in the record as much as I have (this honestly sounds awesome on a turntable), so do yourself the favor of checking this beast out or sleep on it and forever hate yourself for it."  Scene Point Blank